See us at Wednesday’s parade! Last 3 days- Thursday, Friday and Saturday!!

Watch for coupons at Wednesday’s parade!

7-9 pm Thursday

7-11 pm Friday and Saturday

$20 admission. Group rates available!!

Something is terribly wrong here!


Something is very wrong in this home. This haunted mansion holds too many secrets, and Ellsworth is so cold and unfeeling. His servants are not the only ones who tread carefully here. Above all, Never enter his private quarters without being summoned. Those who do are never the same.


Ellsworth's bride seems so pretty but meek. She was chosen by Ellsworth,  so she had better be or she may face his wrath... But could she be too good to be true? She behaves so oddly at times and there are some very strange things in her private rooms in her new home in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. What could it all mean? Enter these rooms at your own peril. The servants Never enter unless they must.

The servants

The servants, who work for Ellsworth Ghostly are so helpful. they're almost too helpful and far too happy you've come. What secrets are they hiding? What won't they tell you? And why don't they seem to want to let you leave? What is it that's held them all prisoner here for over 100 years?

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The Ghostly Mansion

406 West Main Street, Uniontown, Pennsylvania 15401, United States

(724) 984-8967


Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays beginning Friday, September 27th through Saturday, November 2nd. Opens at 7:00 pm. Last group taken at 11:00 pm (9:00 pm Sundays). Regular price: $20 per person.

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